Flat Tire Repair

Picture this: You and your family are cruising along the highway in good spirits when suddenly you hear a POP! You can sense your tire quickly leaking air. It’s a frightening—but not uncommon—experience. Tire pressure monitoring systems have significantly reduced these events by allowing you to regularly monitor tire pressure, but accidents still do happen. Here’s how to safely handle a tire blowout like the one we just described:

  • Remain calm: By frantically slamming on the brakes or yanking the wheel, you will cause more harm than good. Take a deep breath instead of reacting rashly.
  • Put on your hazards: Communicate with other drivers that something has gone wrong so they expect you to slow down and know to give you space.
  • Do not brake: Instead, ease off the accelerator and slowly coast to a stop on the shoulder. Note: If your front tire blows out, you may have more trouble steering.
  • Contact help: If you have roadside assistance from your insurance or another company, call immediately. If not, call a tow for help or change the tire yourself. Also call or text a family member or friend so that they know what has happened so that they can check in and ensure you’ve made it home safely later.

If you do need to have your tires replaced, consider Atzenhoffer Chevrolet Cadillac for the job.

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