Kids Trick-or-Treating

Halloween season is a favorite time of year for many families, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think about safety, whether you’re walking or driving through a neighborhood of trick-or-treaters. Here are some Halloween safety driving tips that will help you stay safe and have fun.

For drivers

Even if you don’t have to children, you have to be considerate of other people’s kids when you’re driving. You might love cruising around in your car, but on Halloween, you have to be extra careful when going through neighborhoods. Turn on your headlights even when it’s still light out and follow the speed limit rules (even a bit slower is wise).

Look out for children where you might not expect them to be, like stepping out between parked cars.  When trick-or-treating, they might be walking in the street or next to the curb instead of on sidewalks.

For pedestrians

While you want your kids to have fun on Halloween, it’s more important that they’re safe.  Incorporate elements into your child’s costume that are bright or reflective to help them be seen by drivers. Remind your kids to stay on the sidewalk and look for moving cars. If there aren’t any sidewalks, tell them to stay on the grass near the curb. Plan where they’ll be walking. Know which streets they’ll be taking and ensure that they’ll be stopping at only well-lit houses.

We at Atzenhoffer Chevrolet wish you and your family a safe and festively frightful Halloween.

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