Woman working from home | Victoria, TX

Working from home can be especially difficult when you’re trying to juggle your day job and supervising young ones. Here are just some of the ways to minimize the stress when you’re working from home with kids.  

Communication is key, especially if your team or employer does not normally have you or other staff work remotely. This includes proactively discussing that, for example, every conversation may not be interruption-free, or that strict schedules may be difficult some days. Also, be sure to talk to your team regularly so that there are no surprises.

You can also plan activities that don’t require direct supervision. For babies, you can use swings and bouncy chairs or take advantage of their nap time to knock out some work. PBS has a range of educational shows and games to keep young children occupied. Older kids may enjoy reading and writing stories or playing online games with friends to help them socialize.

It’s also essential to set boundaries and prioritize your schedule. Look at which task is most important for the day in case you’re interrupted. If your partner is home, too, consider working in shifts if possible, and communicate with your children that there need to be boundaries. Encourage them to respect when you’re on a video conference or meeting a deadline, while also scheduling in breaks throughout the day to spend time playing a game or doing some other shared activity with them.

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