Thanksgiving Pies | Victoria, TX

There’s a lot to juggle over the Thanksgiving holiday, especially if you’re hosting a meal. But with these tips for an organized Thanksgiving, you’ll have no trouble pulling off a successful, enjoyable celebration with friends and family.

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Dishes

If you’re looking through recipe books in anticipation of Thanksgiving, it’s easy to go overboard with all of the mouth-watering options. Take a look at the first draft of your list of recipes and get rid of items that don’t seem necessary.

2. Write Out a Plan

When you have multiple dishes to get in and out of the oven, timing tends to feel overwhelming. Staying on top of your cooking schedule will be much easier if you look at recipes ahead of time and write out a detailed schedule.

3. Get Appliances Ready

Most people aren’t using a turkey pan on the regular. In anticipation of the big day, get all dishes, utensils, and appliances out of storage so you can clean them and get them ready for use.

4. Prep What You Can

Make the Thanksgiving cooking marathon easier on yourself by preparing what you can the night before. Think of chopping vegetables, measuring spices, or prepping casseroles.

5. Be Ready for Leftovers

When you’re at the store doing your grocery run, be sure to stock up on plastic containers and zip-top bags, so you’ll have plenty of ways to store leftovers and send pie home with loved ones.

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