Car Tires

There’s nothing worst then getting a flat tire when you’re out and about. Soon, though, this could be an issue of the past, thanks to a partnership between General Motors and Michelin. These two companies recently unveiled a prototype of airless tires intended for passenger cars, which means tires as we know them could soon change.


The prototype, which is called Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System), is a mix of composite rubber and resin embedded fiberglass capable of operating at highway speeds — something that previous options couldn’t do.


With this tire, you can say “goodbye” to flat tires. While it’s not completely invulnerable, this tire will not be able to blow out nor will it experience irregular wear. It’s also considered an eco-conscious alternative to regular tires.


The airless-tire technology also reduces the need for tire production practices that aren’t eco-friendly, while eliminating the need to carry around a spare tire, which reduces fuel efficiency.


General Motors is planning on testing the Uptis in Michigan starting later this year, outfitting a range of Chevy Bolts with the new tire. The partners believe that they will have a production version completed and ready to sell on production cars as soon as 2024.


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